Eastside Educational Center

"A high-quality center that's affordable too..."

Eastside Educational Center, Inc. opened in May of 2002.  Since then we have been providing high quality child care for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years. The cost of quality care for a family struggling to make ends meet can make it nearly impossible for both parents to work. Because most childcare centers do not allow families to schedule part-time hours, many have no choice but to work opposite shifts with very little or no family time.

Knowing that other parents are in the same boat, we offer childcare with alternative types of childcare schedules that is high quality and affordable. 

After extensive amounts of community research and visiting daycare after daycare, we realized that Mackinaw could benefit from a center that made family the center of its focus. One that would give parents the ability to schedule their hours of care around their work schedules.

We believe, as many of you do, that the best care a child can get, comes from their parents. We can only strive to be second best --to YOU. We made it our mission to develop a premier childcare center that everyone can afford.  One that allows you to schedule as much or as little childcare as you need.  And so began our journey. A journey that has given us the opportunity to share in the lives of over 400 different families in Mackinaw. 

We believe that every child we care for is a true blessing.  We hope soon, your family will join ours.

                                  ~Tracy and Frank Lockenour


Ground Breaking Ceremony


We would like to thank all who have helped make Eastside Educational Center what it is today. First, we thank our community of Mackinaw, and the businessmen and women who helped us make our dream of building a daycare center a reality. Next, our staff, who work every day to care for the children, and put parents to ease when leaving their little ones in our care. Finally, we thank our family of clientelle; without the wonderful parents and guardians who place their most prize possessions in our care every day, we would not have the ability to work as a family of teachers in Mackinaw. 

To those who have been, and to those who still are, a part of our family and business: Thank you! Without your generosity, faith, and hard work, we could never have made this place a reality!

We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers.  1 Thessalonians 1:2


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